Keiko Shimizu
清水 桂子

About Keiko Shimizu
   Keiko Shimizu is a graduate of Harajuku Togasha (Japan). She then went for further training and studies in porcelain painting in the prestigious Okura China Painting School (Japan). This was followed by her attendance in the Seminar of Porcelain Art painting at Meissen, Germany.. After that she studied some more and attained the IPAT Master Artist & Teacher. On top of this, she also aimed and obtained the First Class level for the National Qualification of Painting Expert in Japan.

 As she loves to paint, she spend many hours painting and discovering many new ways of painting, such as the novelty ways of using luster in painting . Needless to say she also continues to perfect her skills in the traditional style of painting.

 At present she teaches porcelain painting at her studio( Matsurika Porcelain Art Studio) in Tokyo and in Ibaraki prefecture..

  First Class China Painting Expert
(National qualification of Japan)
IPAT Master Artist & Teacher
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